C&W Announces Texas office expansion

C&W Announces Texas office expansion

Woodland Hills, CA— Caine & Weiner, the leading experts in comprehensive receivables-to-cash solutions since 1930, today announced the expansion of their Dallas, Texas, office location to accommodate enhanced client productivity and continued market development growth. The office, strategically located at 4101 McEwen Road in the Dallas suburb of Farmers Branch, will increase Caine & Weiner’s current capacity by nearly 80 agents. “This is one of the largest expansions in our company’s history,” said Greg Cohen, President & CEO. This expansion will serve Caine & Weiner’s clients’ increased placement volumes and serve as an additional resource in our U.S. based operations strategically located throughout the country.

The expansion of this office, which coincides with the company’s 85th anniversary, provides capacity for increased early stage and special portfolio servicing in response to growing market penetration.

John Myers has been appointed to serve as the company’s Vice President, Collections & Outsourcing, and will manage all office activities. In this new role, he will assume management of all collection activities for the Texas location as well as Outsourcing strategies nationwide, reporting to Mark Milstein, Chief Operating Officer.

“Caine & Weiner is excited about expanding our Dallas, Texas, office, building off our continued growth and the success we have seen over the last 85 years in the credit and collection industry,” said Greg A. Cohen, President & CEO. “John, in coordination with senior management, will serve as an ideal leader of this expansion, which signifies a new milestone in our long history of service.”

Caine & Weiner (www.caine-weiner.com) is celebrating its 85th year of continuous service as a global provider of highly effective and results-oriented 1st and 3rd party commercial and consumer accounts receivable management services in support of the Receivables-to-Cash Cycle. To serve the domestic market, the global Los Angeles-based enterprise maintains a network of five full-service call centers strategically located throughout the U.S. Through their active partnership with Global Credit Solutions (GCS), Caine & Weiner has established an international presence in over 90 countries. Caine & Weiner has supported U.S. commerce in Receivables-to-Cash management since their beginning in 1930 and is a founding member of the former Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA), and remains certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA) which is endorsed by the IACC. Caine & Weiner is also a sustaining member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC) and a long-standing member of the American Collectors Association (ACA).