Caine & Weiner Partners with Cortera to Launch Collection Automation Tool

Woodland Hills, CA — A new strategic partnership between Cortera(R) and Caine & Weiner has been formed to provide clients with additional insights to better understand when an account should be placed for collection. Cortera’s Pulse product is a customer risk monitoring tool that gives credit managers and other finance professionals the ability to autonomously monitor their A/R portfolio for risk and opportunity. Cortera Pulse(R) delivers daily alerts on changes in customer risk which includes public record data, bankruptcy filings, liens, judgments, financial news and more, along with portfolio analytics that enable users to identify accounts that have a high risk of non-payment and those that should be the most collectable. Within Cortera Pulse, the Open Receivables “click-to-place” feature allows clients to capitalize on these insights and take immediate action by triggering a placement to Caine & Weiner.

With the data analytics now available to them through Cortera, Caine & Weiner’s network partner, clients can monitor an unlimited number of accounts and an unlimited number of users within a company, thereby managing their receivables more effectively.

Using data supplied by Cortera, whose database includes thousands of sources, a client can use payment behavior information and benchmarking analytics (provided by other suppliers) to identify problems with a portfolio that requires the services of a third- party to resolve.

“As a debt management solution provider, one of the biggest challenges we see our customers face is obtaining timely insight into a debtor’s ability to pay,” said Joe Batie, Caine & Weiner’s Senior Vice President. “Our new integration with Cortera Pulse provides our customers with analytics that will improve their customer risk management and streamline the workflow for identification and placement of accounts for collection.”

Aside from the value derived from advanced reporting capabilities using the Cortera Pulse application, customers can save time and increase efficiency through the automation of their collection process. The overall collectability on an overdue account is dramatically increased when it is discovered in a timely manner. Additionally, organizations save time by eliminating the need to fill out placement forms or validate financial data.�x0A”We are excited to welcome Caine & Weiner to our growing family of Cortera Open Receivables partners,” said Jim Swift, CEO of Cortera. “We are committed to providing our customers with actionable analytics that combine new intelligence into customer risk with seamless workflow automation solutions to help customers easily implement these insights into their business processes.”

About Cortera
Cortera provides analytical and cloud-based workflow solutions that enable companies of all sizes to better understand their customers, suppliers and business partners. Our comprehensive solutions increase visibility into the financial health of your B2B customers while keeping you informed of important changes that traditional credit reporting tools miss. Thousands of companies across diverse industries use Cortera’s solutions to increase revenue, improve sales effectiveness, and reduce risk. Cortera is privately held with offices in Boca Raton, FL and Quincy, MA.

About Caine & Weiner
As providers of effective accounts receivable management solutions for businesses in every major industry for over eight decades, Caine & Weiner ( has established a national network of five full-service call centers and maintains an international presence in 90 countries, with over 100 offices, through their active partnership with Global Credit Solutions (GCS). Their wide ranging services include 1st and 3rd party handling for the B2B and B2C sectors.