Irving Masliah

Senior Manager - Client Services

West Coast Center

Irving’s comprehensive background and financial service expertise well qualifies him as Caine & Weiner’s Senior Manager of Client Services. Irving holds a solid track record of providing accounts receivable management services to many of America’s leading businesses, his in-depth knowledge of commercial and consumer debt recovery provides him with the ability to assess the needs of his clients and tailor the appropriate services in order to help them accomplish their objectives. Irving has an extensive background in international trade relations, promotional advertising products, retailing and manufacturing as well as many other industries and he always goes the extra mile to make sure his clients receive Caine & Weiner’s renowned service and performance.

Irving will gladly assist you with all your receivable management needs.


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I am very pleased with the exceptional service I have received from Caine & Weiner throughout the years. My requests are always given top priority by their representative, Irving Masliah. Through their website, I can also view the latest status of my files. Their service is second to none.

Arthur L. Golden, Credit Manager
Denso Corporation