Caine & Weiner Company, Inc’s Insurance Receivables Services Division is comprised of the industry’s top account resolution specialists providing accounts receivable management solutions to over 100 worldwide insurance companies. Since 1930, we have mastered the challenges unique to insurance collections delinquencies, and developed solutions which have enabled Fireman’s Fund, Auto Owners, Great American, and others to optimize revenue on delinquent receivables, which include:

  • Commercial premiums and audits
  • Worker’s Compensation issues
  • Deductibles
  • Surety bond premiums and claims
  • Crop Insurance
  • Agent/broker commissions
  • Overpayments to medical providers and individuals
  • Wrongful payments of death benefits and annuities
  • Short & long disability overpayments
  • Medical provider overpayments
  • Personal line earned premiums


While most insurance collection agencies utilize a two-phase collection process beginning with collection and ending with litigation, Caine & Weiner Company, Inc. incorporates a multi-tiered process, which provides powerful solutions to the recovery process, resulting in maximized collection results.

This highly-effective strategy, referred to as the PIF2 precision file management process, integrates over eight decades of proven collection techniques, precise follow up, on-going management oversight and 100% accountability continuously throughout the recovery process.

  • A specialized team is assigned to each client to manage its¬†accounts.
  • Within each team is a primary, intermediate, and final stage handling specialist assigned to oversee each file
  • Each stage of the process is evaluated by our Insurance Collection Supervisor, which allows embedded management oversight throughout the collection cycle and guarantees 100% file accountability
  • In the final stage, in-house legal review is performed to determine if litigation is a viable option to facilitate recovery, obtain higher settlements and/or resolve more difficult assignments in accordance with our client’s best interest
  • Prior to the closure of a file, it must undergo a multi-step management review


This fully integrated; multi-tiered collection process ensures that all collection activity is continuously monitored throughout the recovery cycle with on-going supervisory/management/legal review and intervention.

At Caine & Weiner Company, Inc., we believe the union between our clients and our experienced recovery experts is a partnership based on a foundation of effective communication, unmatched customer satisfaction, cutting edge technology, highly tenured specialists, and industry specialization-resulting in maximized recoveries.

Caine & Weiner Company, Inc. is dedicated to performance, accountability, and earning your confidence by enhancing your cash flow and becoming a valuable asset and strategic partner to your Insurance Receivables Program.