Phil predicts faster remittances with Caine & Weiner

Place an account with Caine & Weiner and get your remittance payments faster than you can say “Punxsutawney Phil.”

Semi-monthly closes mean faster money for you.
Caine & Weiner is unique in the industry with two true closeouts, one at mid-month and one at end-of-month. Recovery targets are established for each closeout period, with performance driven commission opportunities for our recovery staff available at each close. This focus by our recovery teams, in reaching revenue goals twice per month, provides tremendous consistency of effort and creates a culture that drives urgency to resolve the account balance on every call.
Over 49% of all dollars recovered in a month is collected by the mid-month close, significantly higher than any other agency. As a result, our clients receive the benefit of more consistent cash flow via the funds received from our weekly remittances.
Our collection culture rewards our staff for creating the proper sense of urgency for the debtors in resolving the outstanding balance immediately. Debts get paid faster and our clients get paid sooner, enabling more consistent cash application and producing a much shorter timeframe for reducing our clients overall bad debt and DSO each month.