Lisa Newberg

Lisa Newberg

Vice President - Business Development

Well-versed in global coverage—AR solutions for all industries., most especially in insurance and technology companies. I do consultive approach for best practices in building early out, 1st and 3rd party collections. I am a primary point of contact /liaison for clients from on boarding to daily service of workflows-delivering KPI’s, benchmarks, reducing DSO/DRO successfully.

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7:00 am - 7:15 am
West Coast

YOU DO THE MATH: Cost of an Employee vs Outsourcing (AR collections)

This webinar delves into strategies for businesses dealing with a significant volume of invoices or transactions. We'll discuss the merits of building an internal credit team versus outsourcing to a specialized agency, weighing the pros and cons to uncover the most effective approach. Join us to discover the benefits and value each option brings to your operations.