Caine & Weiner Celebrates 85 Years of Continuous Service in the Credit and Collections Industry

Caine & Weiner is celebrating a major milestone of serving customers in the credit and collections industry. Founded in 1930 by Sidney Caine and Charles Weiner, the company has reached its 85th anniversary and is led by Greg Cohen, President and CEO. Despite the difficulties of staying afloat during multiple wars and recessions, Caine & Weiner continues to serve their clients with outstanding service and unmatched results. The mission statement focuses on continued growth, on-going investment in people, procedures, compliance and technology, and acquisition of, and alliance with progressive companies who share their vision.

“We are so excited to have reached this milestone this year,” stated Cohen. “Being a part of a company with such a rich history means more to me and the rest of our employees than we could ever explain. We have come a long way and are thrilled to continue to build relationships with everyone we serve. We have had the pleasure of working with some of our clients for over 40 years, and we could not be more humbled by their dedication to our services and in return, our dedication to helping them with their account receivables management solutions. Caine & Weiner continues to live out the legacy that Sidney Caine & Charles Weiner established so many years ago, subsequently the torch passed to me from my mentor Bob Caine. We are honored to be recognized as an industry leader and never waiver from our commitment to the industry and clients we serve”.

Throughout their 85 years, Caine & Weiner has grown and innovated with technology that serves their clients every need. While the basic operations of collection services may appear simple, Caine & Weiner utilizes the most advanced technology available and, most importantly, a customer centric mindset. An ongoing cycle of collected funds provide customers with great peace of mind knowing that the tenured professionals at Caine & Weiner are working around relentlessly to increase their cash flow.

Caine & Weiner is also excited to announce the upcoming release of a newly designed website in efforts to have the best technology available in the industry and support our client’s needs. Incorporated in the new website is a Live Chat feature and that provides continuous customer support. For additional information about Caine & Weiner, please visit their website at

Caine & Weiner ( is a global provider of highly effective and results oriented 1st and 3rd party commercial and consumer accounts receivable management services and innovative outsourcing solutions. To serve the domestic market, the Los Angeles-based enterprise maintains anetwork of five full-service call centers strategically located throughout the U.S. Through their active partnership with Global Credit Solutions (GCS), Caine & Weiner has established an international presence in over 90 countries. Caine & Weiner has been in continuous operation since their beginning in 1930 and is a founding member of the Commercial Collection Agency Association (CCAA), certified by the Commercial Law League of America (CLLA). Caine & Weiner is also a certified member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors (IACC).

First Caine & Weiner press release from June 1930, announcing the establishment of the company.