Collection Automation Services Now Available Through Moody’s Analytics Pulse!

At Caine & Weiner, our goal is not simply to meet your expectations, but rather, to exceed them. As a result, we’re pleased to announce that we have partnered with Moody’s Analytics Pulse (an industry leader in business analytics) to bring you the best-in-class in receivables management solutions. Caine & Weiner’s version of Moody’s Analytics Pulse can help you stay informed of important changes in your A/R portfolio, and effortlessly click-to-place a claim for collections with Caine & Weiner directly from the monitoring tool.

Advantages to Using Moody’s Analytics Pulse with your Collection Efforts:

  • Expands your portfolio insight and provides you with actionable account monitoring
  • Saves time filling out forms and gathering data needed to place accounts for collection
  • Shortens the time to place accounts with two clicks of the mouse
  • Increases the collectability of accounts by placing them quickly

About Moody’s Analytics Pulse

Moody’s Analytics Pulse provides analytical and cloud-based workflow solutions that enable companies of all sizes to better understand their customers, suppliers and business partners. Our comprehensive solutions increase visibility into the financial health of your B2B customers while keeping you informed of important changes that traditional credit reporting tools miss. Thousands of companies across diverse industries use Moody’s Analytics Pulse solutions to increase revenue, improve sales effectiveness, and reduce risk.